The sudden rise and drop of temperature during the rainy season can cause woes of cough and cold to our human body. Most of us brush off the symptoms of common cough and cold as we do not want to take heavy medications that may trigger other health issues in our bodies.

This is where Kasvin cough syrup by Vaidic Wellness can help you. The natural herbs and ingredients in this Ayurvedic syrup, such as Tulsi, Karchur, Hamspadi, Ginger, Bibhitaka, Yashtimadhu, and Vacha, help cure cough. These herbs have expectorant and anti-infective properties that helps in treating cough and provide relief from chest congestion.

Kasvin Cough Syrup by Vaidic Wellness can:

  • Help relief dry and wet cough
  • Liquidifies cough to reduce congestion
  • Gives relief inallergic and seasonal cough
  • Provide relief to itchy throat
  • Help aid Sore Throat
  • Provides Relief in hoarseness of voice
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